Read comfortably while travelling or on a treadmill

Dig into a good book or catch up on news and blogs

No more eye strain – words will appear still to your eyes

More productivity or more fun? – call it whatever you like

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Text always in sync with your eyes

  • Tracks head movements

    Patent pending technology monitors all 3D motions while exercising or riding.

  • Connects via Bluetooth

    Supports all popular iOS/Android Tablets, eReaders and Smartphones.

  • Stabilize content on an electronic display

    Intelligent algorithms move text in real time – your head moves but the words don’t.


  • Aditya Bansal
    Technical Co-Founder

    As a child, Aditya was a constant source of consternation for his parents due to his tendency to dismantle every electronic object in the house. Years later, aided by a PhD from Purdue, he creates wearable electronics to common problems.

  • Praveen Elak
    Business Co-Founder

    Not satisfied with a PhD from SUNY Buffalo, Praveen did an Exec MBA from Wharton. Armed with these degrees, he has been walking the line between business and technology with a successful mobile software venture in its exit phase.

  • Shayak Banerjee
    Software Architect

    Comfortable wearing multiple hats, Shayak often forgets which one fit him the best. Even though his PhD is in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, he is also a part-time data scientist, math geek and mobile app developer.

  • Robert Clarke
    Industrial Design

    Robert takes mechanical design from the realm of dark arts to the practicable. With his training in the defense, aerospace and medical industries, he now tackles the design challenges of consumer driven industry on an almost daily basis.

  • Dr. Steven Zabin

    Hindsight may be 20/20 but up until now your "reading-while-running" sight was far from it! Dr. Zabin an ophthalmologist with 29 years of clinical experience in the ocular and visual system helps our product team keep their "eyes on the ball" with his expert advise and feedback.

  • David Rock
    Creative Director

    Inspired by Steven Spielberg as a child, David took it upon himself to hone the art of storytelling through media and art. With the aid of his lens and design tools, he has helped many launch their ambitions and dreams in technicolor.

Features Overview

  • iOS and Android compatible

    Works with Android 4.3 or later, iPhone 4S or later, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd or later, iPod Touch 5th Gen.

  • Don’t reach out

    Tap the device to move between pages. Tap once – next page. Tap twice – previous page.

  • Simple fitness tracker

    Counts the number of steps taken and measures the calories burned. Displays on your mobile device.

  • Rechargeable battery

    Charges through USB port.
    20 hours of use time and 1 month of stand by time.

  • Match your color

    Available in 4 attractive colors.
    Red, Green, Blue and Pink.

  • How small can it be?

    Weighs less than 10g and measures 1.5in x 1.25in (looks like a smaller version of a zippo lighter)

Frequently Asked Questions